GERnétic Cosmetic Studio


Come to the world of beauty…

We would like to invite you to our beauty salon for a facial and body treatment with French luxurious cosmetic GERnétic.

Call +420 235 325 659 for your appointment.

From Monday to Friday between 8.00-11.30 a.m. and 12.00-4.00 p.m. 
You can choose the date and time of your appointment that will work for you (even on a weekend).

Address of our beauty salon:  Slánská 10, Prague 6 – Řepy, GPS 50°03'43.8"N, 14°18'32.9"E

You can park at the company premises.

Public transport (bus - Slánská Station or Bílý Beránek Station, tram – Slánská Stop).  Bus from Stodůlky or Nemocnice Motol Subway Station. 

GERnétic Cosmetic Studio offers:

  • Comprehensive system of facial, bosom and body treatment.
  • Skin diagnostics. 
  • Creation of an individual treatment plan. 
  • Effective solution for acneic skin and other skin problems. 
  • Wrinkle smoothing. 
  • Cellulite removal.  
  • Slimming. 
  • Bosom firming and reshaping. 
  • Relaxation and detoxifying wraps. 
  • Free consultations. 
  • Sale of French natural cosmetics GERnétic.

GERnétic – a maximum treatment with excellent results. 

We are looking forward to seeing you there. 

The French natural cosmetics brand GERnétic

The French natural cosmetics brand GERnétic, offers a complex system of high quality facial, breast and body care. It is intended for professionals and wellness studios as well as daily skin care at home. GERnétic offers every customer an individual solution.

GERnétic is represented in over 50 countries. It has been present in the Czech Republic since 1996. 

GERnétic‘s founder is Dr. Albert Laporte, a French biologist and physician, who spent 40 years of his life researching biology, oligotherapy, vitaminology and cell therapy. For many years, he worked in various clinics across Paris where he studied the effects of his products and the correctness of his theories.

GERnétic’s story started with a French scientist wanting to give every woman the feeling of having beautiful and healthy skin.

Dr. Laporte founded the first laboratory focused on cell therapy in the city of Béraut in the southeast of France.  In the beautiful area at the foot of the Pyrenees, he began his challenging studies of natural and herbal medicine.  In order to get the purest and most desirable materials from nature, he decided to use only the most modern methods of biotechnology.  He patented his organic cell composition research findings and in 1977 introduced the first GERnétic product. GERnétic quickly became one of the top brands of cosmetics.  Its mission has, since the very beginning, been not only perfect skin care but also your skin and your entire body’s health.

What makes GERnétic different from traditional cosmetics:

  1. It treats the problem as well as all of the symptoms.
  2. The products’ application is different. It is applied gradually in layers that are usually completely absorbed.
  3. The products can be combined and every treatment is different.
  4. Some of the products slightly perfuse the skin allowing for deeper absorption by the skin.
  5. Thanks to the exceptional properties of the products, mechanical skin cleaning is no longer necessary. Customers leave the salon with a relaxed skin.

GERnétic Methods

Cell therapy

GERnétic is the result of the realization that, when using cosmetics, it is possible to enrich the body with vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino-acids and various other substances that we cannot get in a sufficient dose through diet. GERnétic products give cells the ideal amount of nutrients regenerating the skin and the entire organism.  They renew the structure and firmness and markedly rejuvenate it.


GERnétic exclusively uses active, natural substances from ecologically certified areas (192 types of plants, 15 types of algae). The manufacturing process is based on modern biotechnology.

It preserves the high efficacy of active natural substances and is both skin and nature friendly.

Homeopathic dosage

Homeopathic dosage is based on the theory that very small doses of active substances strengthen the organism, while larger doses cripple it. GERnétic uses this principle during the application of its products.

Use of meridian ends and pathways

When applying regenerative creams, GERnétic uses the stimulation of meridian endings (earlobes, soles, and chest).  Active substances applied to these areas are absorbed more effectively.

Why you should try GERnétic cosmetics

  • GERnétic offers exceptional body, face and breast care.
  • GERnétic in accordance with its concept does not treat the skin and the body separately. The skin is a mirror of the inner state of the organism.
  • GERnétic treats the problem, as well as its symptoms.
  • GERnétic achieves real results during treatment.
  • GERnétic has a leading position in the industry thanks to its use of biotechnology, cell therapy, meridian use and homeopathic dosage of active substances.
  • GERnétic achieves exceptional results not only through daily skin treatment, but also the removal of wrinkles, acne, scars, cellulites and stretch marks. Its other effects include slimming, strengthening breasts and regulating their size, as well as the detoxication of your organism.
  • GERnétic helps reactivate your own energy.
  • GERnétic helps slow down cell aging.
  • GERnétic is a brand appreciated by demanding customers as well as experts.
  • GERnétic products go through intense checks and tests to guarantee the highest quality.
  • GERnétic is a provider of exceptional care.
  • GERnétic is a brand of cosmetics customers always return to.
  • GERnétic is a cosmetic cocktail of health and beauty.